Wild Bird Seed Sample

Connecting to Nature Wild Bird Seed Sample
Connecting to Nature Wild Bird Seed Sample
Connecting to Nature Wild Bird Seed Sample

Wild Bird Seed Sample

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A recent study using findings from the World Economic Forum shows that increasing people's connection with nature boosts happiness.

So, birds and bees are the secret weapons needed to raise happiness levels! So, why not boost your mood by using bird food to attract birds into your natural environment?

Did you know? Autumn is the most important time to start feeding wild birds if you haven't been feeding them all year round?

Wild birds are searching for new feeding territory this time of year. Offering a consistent and reliable food source now will allow our feathered friends to recognise your garden as their feeding point and get comfortable with their surroundings before the colder months set in.

We recommend starting with an All-Seasons Garden Mix in early Autumn, and then moving onto high energy feeds such as peanuts, sunflower seeds, grains, and suet products such as fat balls to help build up fat reserves for the colder months ahead. Our High Energy No Mess wild bird seed mix contains all of these essential ingredients.

Start feeding now!

Offer this sample of Robin and Songbird Mix by putting it on a plate or window ledge to help our feathered friends build up fat reserves ahead of the cold days ahead.

Ingredients: suet coated oat flakes, suet coated wheat flakes, peanuts, mealworms, raisins.

Connecting to Nature Wild Bird Seed Mixtures have been designed by Ornithologists and Nutritionists specifically for Irish wild birds. Our quality ingredients offer nutritionally balanced feed for year-round feeding.

See https://connectingtonature.ie/collections/wild-bird-food-ireland for our full range of wild bird food and garden accessories.


Feeding wildbirds is a wonderful way to feel closer to the living and natural world.

Research shows that being connected with nature is more important for our mental wellbeing rather than simply being exposed to nature.

You don't have to be in the countryside to connect with nature. All you have to do is create an environment that consistently attracts birds and bees.


Ground Yourself in Nature

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