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    Brighten Up Your Life with Sunflowers!

    What better way to attract lots of native species of bees to your back yard or garden than with stunning sunflowers! Sunflowers are among the most vibrant and attractive flowers for insects, in particular bees.

    However, in addition to being home for many various types of bees, the exciting thing about sunflowers is that they don’t need much attention from you. You can embed the seeds you buy online into the ground, make sure it is watered, and they will sprout in no time.

    Sunflowers are also known for being immensely large flowers, and many people enjoy the nutty flavour associated with its seeds. While the health benefits of sunflower seeds are a little controversial, we’ll say that they taste good. So, after the bees have had a good time, you can have one too.

    Sunflowers also make great pot plants because they don’t require much space, but you will need a large pot for it. However, what is important is that the sunflower gets enough sunlight, which can be tricky in Ireland, but the country is still known for some of the largest most attractive sunflowers.

    Get your own little slice of sunlight with our sunflower seeds.


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