Irish Provenance Wildflowers

Blooming Native Irish Wildflower Seed

Producing quality seed since 1859 | Co. Waterford
Irish Native Trees & Hedging Whips

Trees & Hedging

Choose from our selection of bare-root whips suitable for large gardens, small garden and creating boundaries
Blooming Native  Wild Bird Seed All Seasons Garden Wild Bird Seed Mix
Bird Food Ireland

Wild Bird Food

Quality ingredients, ensuring nutritional, balance feed, designed by Ornithologists & Nutritionists for Irish garden birds
Sustainable Gift Ideas

Gifts of Wellness

The best Irish gift ideas for gardeners and nature lovers. Being connected to nature is a relationship that helps us feel good!

Everything you need to know about growing Wildflowers!

A guide to preparing for, growing and maintianing wildflowers

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Understanding wild bird's feeding requirements

Different wild bird's eat different ingredients and their dietary requirements change with the seasons...

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Gift ideas to help your loved ones feel good!

The best gift ideas for, mums, dads, grandparents, kids & friends - unique Irish Nature Gift Boxes.

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Ground Yourself in Nature

Studies have shown that using bird feeders and growing wildflowers increases people's connection to nature, leading to feelings of wellness.