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    7 products

    Natural Irish Wonders in a Box

    At Connecting To Nature, we're all about helping people connect with Nature (as the name suggests!) and we’ve also made it easier for people to help others they love to connect with Nature via our unique Irish nature gift box selections. We have a pretty large selection of gift boxes of various sizes and types. Our pollinator garden gift set, for instance, contains quite a few things that can help anyone get started.

    That said, the 'Grow Your Own Wildflowers' gift box has everything needed to grow loads of lovely wildflowers that are bound to attract bees and butterflies of all types. Not to mention that they smell and look great too!

    Our gift boxes make it quick and easy for anyone to create a bustling biodiverse garden with lots of joy and colour. If anything, it enables your loved one to enjoy everything that nature has to offer without leaving home. Furthermore and importantly, it makes it easier for local bees to collect nectar and for wild birds to call your feeders home when they are hungry.

    What to buy someone who loves nature and the garden?

    A Wildlife Gift Box is the perfect gift idea for someone who loves wildlife. Allow them to create a biodiverse garden, bursting with colour and joy. Watch the native wildlife make your garden a home as the bees buzz around collecting nectar and the wild birds visit for a feed.

    A thoughtful gift idea for a friend who loves gardening, these gift boxes add nature and beauty to any open space with ease, putting a smile on their recipients' faces all season long, making it the perfect gift!

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