Irish Produced Daffodils

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    6 products

    Daffodils (Narcissus) are amongst the easiest bulbs to grow. With trumpet yellow blooms, bringing the first signs of Spring and brightness after the Winter gloom to your Spring Garden.  

    One of the many amazing things about Daffodils is that they naturalize and multiply year after year. Once the Daffodil bulbs are planted and in the ground, there's very little left to do as they stay in the ground to produce flowers every year. 

    There's many different varieties of Daffodils (Narcissus), so to keep things simple, we've put together a range of Irish-produced daffodils bulbs which include an early flowering variety, Daffodil Mando, a scented variety, Daffodil Martinette, and a smaller, quite interesting variety, the Pheasant Eye. 

    Our range of Daffodil bulbs are produced in Co Waterford, Ireland. 

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