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    6 products

    Versatile Pollinator Seeds to Suit any Irish Garden

    Do you want to invite colourful bees, butterflies, and other insects to your backyard? Need plants that are easy to grow and don’t require taking out much time from your busy schedule? We’ve got just the right types of garden pollinator seeds for you. In fact, you can think of them as being the very best you can find!

    Our non-native pollinator seed mixes, or 'bee bombs', as they're often called, are an excellent way to transform your garden into a serene, colourful space, frequented by little critters. The seeds can be grown in any garden in Ireland, gardens and urban areas alike. Not only are they beneficial for all the naturally pollinating insects like bees, but they are very easy to establish and can be grown in all types of soil.

    At Connecting to Nature, we’ve made buying wildflower seed packets online a quick and simple affair. You also don’t need to be an expert to grow any of these seeds. Simply put them in the soil around your home, make sure that they get water regularly and sunshine to sprout and consequently thrive. Growing colourful plants and flowers has never been easier and more convenient!

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