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    BloomingNative  Individual Species Borage
    Blooming Native Wildflower Seed Borage
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    Please the Bees with Only the Best Seeds

    One of the keys to turning your open space into a nature-friendly environment for bees and birds alike is plants. While Ireland is home to hundreds of wild shrubs, plants, flowers, etc., we have a selection of Garden & Pollinator seeds that are easy to grow and maintain.

    They are, in other words, hassle-free and grow fast. Not only are these seeds very easy to grow, that anyone can do it but also that they give your back yard or garden that much-needed touch of colour.

    The range of Garden & Pollinator seeds includes the annual pollinator mix, our red and pink floral mix, sunflower seeds, and borage. However, we continue to add more seeds for patio pots, large urban areas, and window boxes alike.

    Once the seeds turn into plants, they become a magnet for bees of all types and sizes since it assists in their annual pollination. However, you can also choose our perennial meadow seed mixes with no grass or our own brand of Blooming Native Wildflowers, which are native Irish wildflowers.

    We've got a pretty large selection of seed bombs or bee bombs to choose from. However, we are also here to help you choose the right one if this is your first time considering making your outdoor space more biodiverse.

    What are Garden & Pollinator Seeds?

    Garden & Pollinator seeds are a range of easy to grow seeds, our answer to a seed bomb. These easy to grow flower seeds for bees will put on an impressive display of colour in your garden space.

    These pictorial meadow flower seeds are suitable for garden borders, patio pots, window boxes and urban areas. Throw these seeds like a bee bomb and watch them bloom!

    Choose from annual seed mixtures or annual and perennial meadow seed mixes with no grass.

    Blooming Native Wildflowers is an Irish wildflower company hosted by Connecting to Nature.

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