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    7 products

    Treating Wild Birds to Nutritious (and Delicious!) Fat Balls

    At Connecting To Nature, we have a large selection of wild bird fat balls. Now for those who don’t know, these are an essential food source for birds, especially during the winter months.

    The feed is made from peanuts, sunflower hearts, dried mealworms, and suet. The balls are then dried in the sun, after which they are packaged and sold. All the balls are of the same size, which means that they can easily be stacked one on top of the other in a fat balls feeder without any trouble.

    The fat balls (also known as 'suet balls') can be used to feed smaller birds in our Squirrel and Large Bird fat ball feeder product. The balls themselves can be stored for an extended period, which means you can buy them once and use them throughout the winter.

    All our fat balls can be bought in bulk (packs of 100) and come without a net, which is important because birds should be fed without a net since these can be dangerous for smaller birds that may get stuck in them.

    We're firmly against the use of plastic nets because they get left behind after the fat balls have been eaten. That’s why our approach is more environmentally-friendly and sustainable for our wild birds' natural ecosystem.

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