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    8 products
    BloomingNative  Individual Species Borage
    Blooming Native Wildflower Seed Borage
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    Enhance Your Outdoor Space with Low Maintenance Wildflower Seeds

    A common misconception amongst many Irish people is that they need a large outdoor space to attract bees and butterflies to their home. In reality, that’s not the case.

    Bees are attracted to any area that makes collecting nectar easy and safe. While we acknowledge that every plant can’t be grown in a window flower pot or box, but most can be grown fairly easily.

    This unique collection has a collection of the best wildflower seeds you can grow in flower pots. If anything, it gives you the chance to create a mini and beautiful habitat for bees and butterflies.

    Seeds such as our Annual Pollinator Mix, sunflower seeds, Cornfield Annuals Wildflower mix, and a few others can quite literally bring your patio or balcony to life. Not only are these wildflowers highly attractive for insects, but they are an essential source of food for bees, including the now endangered solitary bee.

    In addition, you get the chance to create a truly stunning display of colours on your patio or apartment balcony, with a front-row seat to the best of what Nature has to offer.

    Take your love for Nature and bees to a whole new level with our selection of wildflower seeds for window boxes and flower pots.

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