Rewilding Service & Landscaping

At Connecting to Nature, we are passionate about bringing the beauty and biodiversity of Irish wildflowers to your outdoor space. As a leading wildflower seed producer and supplier based in Waterford, Ireland, we have partnered with Meadow Men who specialise in the planting of grass meadows, wildflower meadows and native trees to promote biodiversity and environmental conservation at your home, your work space, or in the community. 

Partner Spotlight: Meadow Men

We are proud to partner with Meadow Men, a professional wildflower establishment service dedicated to bringing wildflower meadows to homes, businesses, schools and communities across Ireland. The Meadow Men team specialises in preparing, planting, and maintaining wildflower meadows using our premium wildflower seeds and products. Whether you're looking to transform your garden, enhance your corporate grounds, or bloom your local park, the Meadow Men have the expertise and experience to get the job done.

Our Mission

Together with the Meadow Men, our mission is to promote biodiversity, support Irish pollinators and other wildlife species, and enhance the natural environment by bringing a species-rich display of blooming Irish wildflowers to your outdoor space.

Contact the Meadow Men today to bring the beauty of Irish wildflowers to your doorstep!