Connecting to Nature and feeling closer to the wider natural world is important for us all.

In September 2021, Blooming Native.ie evolved to Connecting to Nature.ie to help our community enjoy the wellbeing benefits of nature therapy by supporting biodiversity and connecting to the natural world in their everyday environment for their wellbeing.

blooming Native wildflower Seed

Being connected with nature is about feeling close to the wider natural world.

Research shows that our connection with nature is more important for our mental wellbeing than simple exposure to nature. 

Connecting to nature wildbird seed

The key to the wellbeing benefits of nature therapy and a relationship that helps us feel good is noticing and engaging with nature's beauty, at home, at work, and in the community.

Sowing wildflowers and feeding birds are a wonderful way to feel closer to nature and bring wildlife closer to you.

Such simple actions can support an entire ecosystem and a more sustainable world while bringing us so much joy! 

Picking Irish native wildflower seeds from a meadow

We know that we need to look after nature to look after ourselves, and we hope you will come on this journey with us.

A relationship that helps us feel good.

Loving life and helping nature, with a handful of dirt and seeds of joy.

Ground yourself in nature.


and the team at Connecting to Nature.

Connecting to nature, biodiversity and well being

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