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    BloomingNative  Individual Species Borage
    Blooming Native Wildflower Seed Borage
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    Do you want to attract a lot of bees and indigenous Irish insects to your backyard, garden, or rooftop garden? We’ve got just the thing for you! Our collection of individual species of plant seeds are often called 'bee bombs' because they will attract pollinating insects to your garden.

    However, in addition to being a magnet for insects, they also look great doing it. The flowers add a touch of colour and freshness to your home, unlike anything else you can do.

    You can choose from quite a few individual plant seeds like lesser knapweed, beautiful Borage, the famous Yellow Rattle, Purple Cornflower, and Ox-Eye Daisies. A single pack has enough for a small garden, though we will always advise that you add a few different flowers to your garden. Having variety ensures that you will attract more bees to your garden and makes things look more colourful.

    The other interesting fact about our selection of seeds is that they are easy to plant and grow. Just about anyone who knows how to put seeds in the ground and water them regularly will watch as their open space turns into a habitat for all types of bees and pollinating insects.


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