What to expect from your wildlfowers this summer

Last summer you sowed: A mix of both Annual & Perennial Species

e.g The Butterfly and Bee MixYear after Year Mix, Traditional Irish Native Mix. 

This year, expect to see: mostly Ox-eye Daisies. Next year you will begin to see the other perennials flower (they will return each year)

Suggestion: Sowing in some Annual Species now amongst the Oxeye Daisy plants will introduce more impressive colour like you had last year.

How to do it? There are two options:

Option 1: Lossen some soil with a rake amongst the daisy plants, sprinkle in some annual seeds and press in with your foot. 

Option 2: Create a bare stip along the front of the meadow and sow your annuals there; this will give a vibrant display where most visible. 


Last summer you sowed: An Annual only Mix

e.g The Annual Pollinator Mix or Cornfield Annuals Mix

This year: Annual species complete their lifecycle in one year - grow, flower, set seed and die. So, you will not see them again this year.

Suggestion: You need to sow more wildflowers if you want to see some blooms this summer.

What to sow?

Option 1: Annuals only mix, the same as last year for another display of high impact.

Option 2: A mix of both Annuals and Perennials, for colour this summer and returning blooms to save you doing it again!


Last summer you sowed: A Perennial Only Mix

e.g. The Shaded Areas Mix or Low Growing Mix

This year: Expect to see the perennial species beginning to bloom for the first time. 

Suggestion: If grass has established in the area, cut it back now to the height of the plants to allow wildflowers better access to light.