Wildflowers for Farmland

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    6 products

    Improve Your Farm's Biodiversity with Native Irish Wildflowers

    Do you want to pepper your farmland with native pollinators to help the environment and endangered species of insects like the solitary bee? Then we have just the solution for you!

    Our wildflower seed mixtures for farmlands are designed to help all the native Irish pollinators. In addition, they will help support the DAFM GLAS scheme, the REPs scheme and the DAFM, and the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan.

    Not only are these native Irish plants, many of which are imperative to the survival of the environment and local species of insect life, but they are also beautiful. We have also made sure that our range of wildflower seed mixes is also cost-effective, easy to grow, maintain and add colour to any farmland. So, there is absolutely no extra effort needed on your part to grow them.

    Our native wildflowers for Irish farmland also ensure that these include plants that are an important food source for native wildlife. Depending on the size of your farmland we’d strongly advise that you buy in bulk with our large size bags, to ensure that your land contributes to the environment in the best way it can.

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