Our History

Power Seeds Waterford history
Wildflowers Seeds have been at the heart of my family history since 1859, when my great great great grandfather, William Power, opened his first nursery, florist, and seed merchant's business in Waterford.

Since then, the Power family business has been centred on quality seed production and continues to operate a successful agricultural seed business. 

William Power Seed Waterford

Blooming Native Wildflowers was launched in 2020 at the beginning of the coronavirus at a time when people were turning to nature to seek comfort.

Blooming Native Irish Native Wildflower seeds

We become a nation tuned in to nature, and as a result, we transformed the space around us to recover and enrich our lives.

Since then, we have had a new awareness of the mental health benefits of connecting to nature.

In September 2021, Blooming Native.ie evolved to Connecting to Nature.ie to help our community enjoy the wellbeing benefits of nature therapy by supporting biodiversity and connecting to the natural world in their everyday environment for their wellbeing.

Connecting to Nature - Power Seeds

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