Benefits of planting trees and hedging

Connecting to Nature is on a mission to raise happiness levels by introducing nature to the lives of Irish people nationwide.

Studies have shown that being connected to nature leads to feelings of wellness because when you do good, you feel good.

Planting trees in your garden is an effective way to support biodiversity and feel closer to the natural world.

What are the benefits of planting Irish native trees and hedging...

The Environment

Planting hedges and trees is an easy way to help the environment. Did you know that planting a single Irish native bare-root tree in your garden could absorb more CO2 than would be produced by a car travelling to Beijing and back?

The roots of these Irish native trees also help reduce flooding acting as a natural filtration system, helping keep our waterway systems clean and free from chemical and pollutant run off.


Irish native trees and hedges have been part of the Irish landscape for thousands of years and are vital habitats for native wildlife. Many Irish wild birds rely on hedgerows for food, nesting and shelter. A single mature tree can be home to as many as 326 different birds, mammals, insects, lichen, ferns and fungi. Hedges act as a wildlife corridor for insects, birds, and small mammals to move between larger habitats.

What does a native tree or hedging do for us?

As well as filtering our air, supporting biodiversity, improving water quality, what does a native tree or hedge do for us?

Trees and hedgerows can help ‘settle in’ a building into the landscape and provide structure and scale to the house and garden. They also function as a natural windbreak and reduce wind strength by 50% during the Winter. This means that just by planting a hedgerow we can provide shelter, privacy and create a natural boundary around our homes.

A social scientist recently found homes with trees and generally preferred to those without and can increase the value of your property by 7-15%.

Studies have found that those who see trees everyday show reductions in stress levels by up to 30%. Even looking at leafless trees in the Winter has been shown to have positive psychological impacts and increased relaxation. 

By planting a tree, you support nature, a more sustainable environment and improved health. 

Ground yourself in nature.


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