Growing wildflowers in pots and small areas

Did you know that studies have shown that using bird feeders and growing wildflowers increases people's connection to nature, leading to feelings of wellness. You don’t have to be in the countryside to connect with nature, all you have to do is create an environment that consistently attracts birds and bees.

Spaces as small as an apartment balcony can support an entire ecosystem. By growing a pot or window box of wildflowers, you are providing a habitat for bees and other pollinators, and contributing to wildlife corridors in Ireland.

Our connection with nature is a relationship that makes us feel good. When we do good, we feel good. 

When to sow wildflower seeds?

Wildflower seeds can be sown in Spring (March - June) and Autumn when soil temperatures are 6-10 degrees Celsius. 

*Note - if sowing wildflower seeds in pots - Spring is the only suitable time for sowing. 

How to sow wildflower seeds?

How to grow wildlfower seeds - step by step


  1. Firstly, prepare a seed bed free of weeds or grass.
  2. Rake the soil creating a fine, crumbly texture of the soil.
  3. TOP TIP: For ease of sowing and the help ensure a more even broadcast, divide the area into several sections (e.g. 10 sections), and then divide the seed into the same amount of containers (e.g. 10 cups). Then, mix a carrier such as Ready Brek or horticulture sand into the containers with the wildlfower seed. 
  4. Scatter each container of seed over each section.
  5. Create good seed to soil contact by pressing the seed into the soil by walking over the area or using a roller. Or lightly rake the soil, careful not to bury the seeds too deep, the seeds should be covered to a depth no deeper than 1mm.
  6. Water the seeds lightly making sure not to wash the seeds away, continue to water during dry weather.

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