How to help Irish wild birds as they transition from Winter to Spring

Helping Irish wild birds as they transition from Winter to Spring ℹ️
Now is a critical time for helping wild birds get into good condition and ready for the breeding period which begins later in the Spring.
Helping wild birds in Spring

How can I help my visiting garden birds?

1. Hang nest boxes suitable for different wild bird species

Birds scout out nesting sites from early February and spend some time getting comfortable with their surroundings before making it their home. Hanging a bird feeder in your garden will help them discover your nest boxes as they visit for some supplementary food.

2. Offer the right type of food

Wild birds dietary requirements change throughout the year. Before the breeding season starts (now) they require a high protein and fat diet. Mixtures with suet-coated oat flakes, sunflower hearts and peanuts range between 20-25% Protein, and up to 40% fat, that’s why those ingredients make up the majority of out High Energy Mess Mix or Robin and Songbird Mix which also includes meal worms for extra protein. Fat Balls are another great feed for this time of year.
Later in the season, when wild birds begin breeding, it is essential that we offer a diverse mixture of small and chopped ingredients to support a variety of wild bird species (see our Rearing and Fledgling mix). We will talk more on this in a later post – Bookmark this post to see the next one.

3. Spring clean!

Now is a good time to give your bird feeders a good clean to reduce risk of infection and disease spread.
Use hot soapy water and a brush, removing any old food and residue. Then rinse thoroughly with cold water and let it dry before filling it back up.

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