How to press wildflowers using a flower press

Wildflowers bring a joy that we want to make last

Creating a unique floral display by pressing your favourite floral blooms means you can enjoy them for years.

Pressing flowers is a great way to feel closer to the natural and living world and enjoy the well-being benefits of nature therapy. It’s fun and easy to do too!

Pressed wildflowers can be framed to display as art, used as a card, gift or for floral cake designs.

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Materials needed to press flowers

There are a few materials required to press and preserve your blooms.

flowers and flower Press

Choosing flowers for pressing

Choose a dry day to pick your flowers. In the morning, soon after dew has evaporated is best to ensure little to no moisture, preventing mould. Also, picking the flowers soon after they bloom will help preserve their colour.

Flowers that are naturally flat with single-layered petals tend to hold their shape and colour better. I find Purple Cornflowers, Cosmos, Corn Marigold, Daisies, Buttercups, and Corn Cockle are easiest to press.

If pressing larger and chunky flowers like roses, cut them in half or press individual petals.

Pressed Wildflowers

How to Press Wildflowers

Open your flower press and line the wooden base with absorbent paper. I like to put the paper between sheets of thin cardboard.

Start by arranging your flowers face down between the layers of cardboard and sheets of paper. Avoid overlapping the petals with other flowers to avoid sticking together.

Continue to arrange flowers in each layer.

Place the top of the press down over the flowers carefully. The pressure can be adjusted with the wing nuts. Start with gentle pressure so that the flowers have some air circulation at first. Tighten the press after a few days.

Wait at least one week to check on the flowers. Then, gently remove the top layer of the flower press. If the flowers don’t have a papery feel, you may need to replace the absorbent paper. Allow two to three weeks for complete drying.

Once the flowers are completely dry, they can be removed from the flower press and used for décor.

Pressed flower art

How to create pressed floral art

  1. Clean your frame using a damp paper towel, ensuring the glass is free from dirt, dust, and fingerprints. Avoid cleaning solution as it may react with the flowers.
  2. Once the glass is completely dry, it’s time to get creative! First, arrange the pressed flowers face down on the glass from your frame. Next, try layering the flowers to fit as many as possible or separate them for individual focus.
  3. Carefully place the back of the frame or second piece of glass back down, and take care not to move your floral arrangement.

Try using the pressed flowers to create unique, personal handwritten cards by glueing the pressed wildflowers onto the card and allowing it to dry before handwriting a note to someone special.

Pressed wildflowers make fantastic cake decorations, impress your guests by frosting a cake with white buttercream icing, and arrange the pressed flowers on the sides and top of the cake to create an impressive floral cake design. 

Pressed Flower cake

Pressed flower card

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