Launching Connecting to Nature

I am so excited to let you know about a big change we’ve been working on. We’re changing our name from Blooming Native to Connecting to Nature and adding new product lines.

Connecting to Nature Ireland

Here’s why

Blooming Native was launched at the beginning of the lockdown, at time when people were turning to nature to seek comfort. With a passion for the environment and our natural world, I wanted to share how wildflower seeds can play their part in biodiversity and reveal the joy of native wildflowers in our ecosystem.

Since then, as a nation, we have had a new awareness of the mental health benefits of nature, a renewed interest in our living world and improving our gardens for the benefit and love of wildlife. 

We want to help biodiversity and our community get closer to nature in their everyday environment for their wellbeing.

Studies have shown that using bird feeders and growing wildflowers increases people's connection to nature, leading to feelings of wellness.

The World Economic Forum has published research that the happiest Europeans are those who see the most bird species in their day-to-day life.

Being connected with nature is about feeling close to the wider natural world. Research shows that being connected with – rather than simply being exposed to – nature is more important for our mental wellbeing.

What’s New?

Launching Wild Bird Feed! Connecting to Nature wild bird seed mixtures are specially designed by Ornithologists and Nutritionists for wild birds, providing year-round essential nutrients and energy.

We will continue to produce and supply Blooming Native Wildflowers, to preserve our heritage and vital food sources for our native wildlife while bringing so much joy to your garden.

Our Garden & Pollinator Seeds are a range of easy to grow seeds to bring an impressive display of colour to any garden and urban space, whether it be a window box or a garden border, anyone can get involved!

wild bird seed Ireland Connecting to Nature

 We know that we need to look after nature to look after ourselves.

Ground yourself in nature.


Thank you for being so supportive on this journey.

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