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Reconnect with nature with Blooming Native Wildflower Seeds

Since the beginning of the current coronavirus crisis, people have been turning to nature to seek comfort. To feel the soil on their hands, finding ways to keep grounded while we wait for this moment to pass.

I have been asked several times, why I launched a wildflower seed business in the middle of a global pandemic. For me, it is about the hope and joy they bring while contributing to biodiversity.

Seeds have been at the heart of the my family history since 1859, when my great great grandfather, William Power, opened his first nursery, florist, and seed merchant's business in Waterford.

Since then, the Power family business has been centred on quality seed production and continues to operate a successful agricultural seed business.

With a passion for the environment, I want to share how wildflower seeds can play their part in biodiversity and reveal the joy of native wildflowers in our ecosystem.

I am grateful to be able to harness my family expertise in seed and continue this tradition as the sixth generation of the Power family.

Sowing wildflower seeds will provide a habitat for pollinators, seeds for wild birds, support biodiversity, promote our wellbeing and bring us joy.

Our sustainable wildflower seed gift pockets for organisations have proven very popular amongst corporate organisations and community groups. The individual wildflower seed gift pockets have space for a message inside and use sustainable packaging. They are a lovely way to connect with family and friends.

Blooming Native wildflower mixes can be used anywhere, and the Butterfly and Bee mixture is proving popular with gardeners whether for a patio pot or wildflower border. We are also seeing a trend towards creating meadow lawns which means less mowing and more time to enjoy the new life these seeds will bring, a beautiful bloom, butterflies, and bee. 

Wildflower seeds will reward in so many ways. May the summer come soon!

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Julie Power Blooming Native Wildflower Seeds
Power Seeds was established in 1859, Julie Power is a new and sixth generation producing wildflower seeds

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