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48 products

    48 products
    Connecting to Nature Tool Stool
    Connecting to Nature Tool Stool
    Tool Bag Stool
    BloomingNative  Individual Species Borage
    Blooming Native Wildflower Seed Borage
    from €5.00

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    Our featured products are a selection of the most popular products on offer in Ireland right now. It includes everything that people are buying and have been buying more than other products available at Connecting To Nature. This unique selection of tailored Irish nature products makes it easier for people to quickly find and buy the most popular products without clicking through to their respective category sections.

    The trending products in this section include bird feed mixes, butterfly and bee wildflower seed mixes, bamboo bee house for those who want to attract bees, and purple cornflowers, in addition to dozens of other items.

    If you're a regular customer, this is most likely where you'll be able to quickly find precisely what you are looking for and related items that make it easier to connect with Nature - and if not, that handy search button (magnifying glass icon) on the top right of our site should help you navigate our site with ease!

    In addition to bees’ houses and bird food, you’ll also find sustainable gifts for businesses and gifts for friends and family members who want to transform their open spaces into nature-friendly habitats. However, what’s listed in this section tends to change based on availability and the popularity of new products, some of which can be seasonal.

    If you can’t find what you are looking for, please feel free to get in touch with us and we'll be more than happy to assist you.

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