Metal Standing Bird Bath

Connecting to Nature Grey Metal Bird Bath Standing

Metal Standing Bird Bath

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Providing fresh water for wild birds is just as important as feeding them. Wild birds need water to drink and to clean themselves in. Enjoy watching the birds behaviour as they splash around in the water to clean and rehydrate.

Bird Baths are particularly important during very cold or dry weather. Frosty, icy weather can cause natural water supplies to freeze, and hot, dry weather will dry up the natural water sources. During the summer months, your birdbath will offer a fantastic opportunity for the garden birds to cool down and rehydrate.

This decorative, metal wild bird bath adds another wonderful element to your bird feeding paraphernalia.

The birdbath sits on decorative curved legs. Suitable for a patio, balcony, lawn, and even on a wall. Made from cast iron, the wild birdbath is of excellent quality. Its sturdiness makes it hard to dislodge by larger animals or birds.

Fill the tray at the base of the bath with water or food if you wish to offer a ground feeding opportunity for visiting songbirds.

Product dimensions in cm H 11.8 x W 21.7

Weight 0.35kg

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