Irish Native Bluebell Seed | Hyancinthoides non-scripta

Connecting to Nature Wildflower Seed Irish Native Bluebell Seed | Hyancinthoides non-scripta

Irish Native Bluebell Seed | Hyancinthoides non-scripta

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Bluebell (Hyancinthoides non-scripta) is a native plant to Ireland and one of the most recognisable wildflowers in woodlands during the late Spring. 

The slender, arching stems are topped with delicate, bell-shaped flowers. These flowers are fragrant with a vibrant, cobalt blue colour, and can grow in both shaded and sunny locations. The colour is especially striking when they are sown in a semi shaded area beneath deciduous trees. 

This seed is harvested from 100% Irish native Bluebells and is free from Spanish or Hybrid varieties. 

Growing Bluebell Seed

Bluebell seed is very easy to sow - simply scatter on to prepared soil during Autumn and Winter. 

Germination of Bluebell seed can be slow and they do need a period of cold weather in the winter before germinating the following year. Chilling for a period of 4 weeks in a fridge can help to break dormancy of the seed. 

Unlike bulbs, bluebell seeds will not flower in the first year after sowing. Instead, it can take 3-4 years for the first flowers to appear.

This is due to the development of the bulb from seed which is needed to provide the energy for the large stems and flowers. 

Bluebells are woodland flowers and will grow best in rich, moist soils beneath deciduous trees such as Oak.

Sow at a rate of 1g per square meter. 

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