Predator Attracting Wildflower Seed Mix

Connecting to Nature Predator Attaracting Wildflower Seed Mix
Connecting to Nature Wildflower Seed Predator Attaracting Wildflower Seed Mix

Predator Attracting Wildflower Seed Mix

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Grow this mix to attract predators (such as ladybirds) to protect against pests (such as ahpids)!

Encourage predator insects into your garden by sowing our Flowers for Predators seed mix. A specially designed mix of flowering plants which will provide shelter and food for predatory insects, giving you a miniature army of pest controlling helpers.

One of the best ways to organically control pests and reduce pesticide application in the garden is through the use of beneficial predatory insects.

Beneficial predator insects are vegetable gardeners' best friends. A single predator insect can eat hundreds of pests, including their larvae, every day. Ladybirds will eat up to 5000 pests during the course of their lifetime.

Some of these predators, like the Lacewing, will feed on both pollen and nectar, and also on the pests themselves. Others, like the Hoverfly, are great pollinators while their offspring are pest eating machines.

Plant this mix in beds dotted throughout the garden for maximum effect. In a vegetable garden sow in a border along with one, or all sides, of the plot.

Native Species included: Yarrow, Wild Carrot, Red Clover, Corn Marigold, Angelica.

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