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    56 products
    BloomingNative  Individual Species Borage
    Blooming Native Wildflower Seed Borage
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    Support Irish Biodiversity by Planting Native Meadow Seed

    Do you want to grow wildflowers native to Ireland to promote environmental harmony and attract local wildlife? It goes without saying that the recent changes in the natural environments across the country have to lead to the decline of many plants native to the country. Many native Irish plants and insects have become extinct, and the extent of the damage is still vastly unknown.

    Our selection of native Irish plants and flowers gives you the opportunity to give back to the environment. In a way, it is a lot like preserving our heritage by promoting and growing the use of the country’s oldest native plants. Not only do these plants look great, but they are a source of food for the local wildlife, including pollinators like the endangered solitary bee species.

    The Traditional Irish Native Wildflower Mix and the Annual Pollinator Mix are two examples of native Irish seed packs that are easy to grow. They are also beautiful and give you a slice of Nature that everyone in the family can enjoy every day in your flat or backyard.

    We are always adding new packs to our inventory. However, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our wildflower meadow seeds.

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