How to Sow Sunflower Seeds

How to Sow Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds can be sown directly into the ground, 60cm apart in rows. However, we recommend to sow sunflower seeds in pots from any time between March and May, keeping them well-watered until they have grown into seedlings of approximately 15cm in height and are ready to plant out at the end of May when all the risk of frost has passed. 

Once planted out, keep them well watered, feed weekly to encourage them to grow tall and stake where necessary.

If you are sowing the seeds directly into the soil, ensure the area is free from weeds and grass. Make some 12mm deep drills (holes), with 20cm between each seed. Place the seed in the hole and cover with plenty of organic matter such as well-rotten manure or garden compost. Water the seeds gently, and keep watered until plants are fully established.

As the plants grow, thin the plants out to about 40cm apart if they are crowded, leaving the strongest, tallest plants.

To protect the seedlings from slugs and snail eating them, cut the top off a plastic bottle and place over the seedling.

As the plant grows, you may need to support it with canes.

If you'd like to learn how to sow sunflower seeds indoors in Ireland, please see our indoor sunflower sowing guide for all the information you need, happy sowing!