Preparing a seedbed for sowing wildflower seeds

How to prepare the ground for sowing wildflower seeds?

Preparing a 'stale' seedbed

A stale or false seedbed is a weed management practice. A seedbed is created a number of weeks before sowing, allowing weed seeds just below the soil surface to germinate. The young weeds can then be eradicated before sowing your seed.

A well-prepared seed bed, free of weeds, grass and other plants can optimise germination, survival rate and will determine the success of your wildflowers. 

  1. Begin the process by eradicating grass, weeds and any other plants from the area you plan to sow.
  2. Loosen, or lightly turn the soil over to a depth of about 4 inches.
  3. Level the soil off with a rake or harrow and compact the soil using a roller or walking all over. This will increase germination.
  4. When the weeds and grass has germinated the young plants (weeds/grass) should be eradicated.
  5. Carry out this process 1-3 times depending on the rate of unwanted plants.

Creating a seedbed free of grass, weeds and other plants will ensure your wildflowers don't need to compete for space, moisture and sunlight.

Preparing the ground for sowing wildflower seeds

How to sow wildflower seeds