Seed Agronomy & Expertise

Seedtech has been the leading Irish wholesaler of agricultural seeds for over 40 years. However, our love of plant science began more than 100 years earlier when the family started growing and supplying exotic plants such as garden ornamentals and tobacco to the Irish public. 

We have always been focused on bringing science-led innovations to market. We have developed hybrid cereals and oilseeds that are robust against diseases, weeds, and pests, thus leaving a lower environmental footprint.   

Quality Assured  

All our cereal seed is closely monitored, tested, and finally certified as fit for purpose by the Irish Department of Agriculture.  We use specialised seed growers to ensure our seed will produce an excellent crop and is fully traceable.  Our state-of-the-art seed processing plant is the most modern in Ireland and the UK, having been commissioned in 2017 and can clean sort and grade seed by weight, shape, and colour.  We test novel seed dressings which enhance the seeds and help the crop grow better, which is especially suited in organic farming or lower input farming scenarios. 

All the native seeds we sell have been rigorously tested on our own 100ha experimental farm in Co Waterford which means we only sell seeds that are suitable for Ireland.  We sow test varieties in small experimental plots and monitor them each year, finding out if they are fit for the Irish climate.  We have a close relationship with Waterford Institute of Technology whose students research our experimental plots looking at growth rates, carbon footprint and so on.  This information is then used to produce technical support guides to help growers get the best from our seeds. 


A natural progression for us is the production of wildflower seeds that are native to Ireland, produced in Ireland and designed to enhance biodiversity in Ireland.