How to Sow Wildflower Seeds

Understanding the requirements of successful seed germination

You will be pleased to know that it is not rocket science! Quite simply the wildflower seeds require a seedbed that they can readily root into, moisture and warm soils. 

Before we get into the how-to sow wildflower seeds, there are some factors to consider;

1. Soil temperatures

Soil temperatures should be above 4°C before sowing wildflower seeds in the spring. The seeds are unlikely to start germinating until temperatures reach 6°C – 10°C. If you are sowing in the autumn be aware that soil temperatures must remain above 6°C for two weeks post sowing. 

2. When to sow wildflower seeds

Spring sowing from March to June or Autumn sowing from August to mid-October is the most suitable time for sowing wildflower seeds. There are no hard and fast rules, so keep an eye on the weather. If late frosts are forecasted you should delay sowing in the Spring and if a Summer drought persists into the autumn, then wait for rain. Germination will be slower if the weather is dry or cold.


Seedbed preparation

Seedbed preparation will determine the success of your wildflowers. See here for how to prepare the ground for sowing wildflower seeds.

Preparing the ground for sowing wildflower seeds

Sowing your wildflower seeds

After preparing your seedbed, free of grass, weeds and other plants, you are ready to sow the wildflower seeds.

  1. Rake the bare soil creating a fine, crumbly texture of the soil.
  2. For ease of sowing and the help ensure a more even broadcast, mix the seed with a carrier such as sterile loam/compost or Ready Brek and divide the area into several sections, and then the seed into the same amount of containers.
  3. Scatter each container of seed over each section.
  4. Create good seed to soil contact by pressing the seed into the soil by walking over the area or using a roller. Or lightly rake the soil, careful not to bury the seeds too deep, the seeds should be covered to a depth no deeper than 1mm.
  5. Water the seeds lightly making sure not to wash the seeds away, continue to water during dry weather.
Paul Smyth Diarmuid Gavin sowing wildflower seeds

How to maintain a wildflower meadow

One of the great beauties about growing wildflowers is that there is very little maintenance involved. However, it is important that you do carry out the little maintenance that is required. See our wildflowers aftercare guide for more on how to maintain a wildflower meadow or garden.

How to Maintain a wildflower garden or meadow

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