Daffodil Magnificence - Irish Produced Bulbs

Connecting to Nature Bulbs Daffodil Magnificence - Irish Produced Bulbs

Daffodil Magnificence - Irish Produced Bulbs

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Daffodil Magnificence is a sturdy, very early flowering variety of Irish-produced Daffodils. Expect these Irish-produced daffodil bulbs to grow to a height of 50cm and produce a bright yellow flower as early as January, blooming right through February. Their strong stems help the flowers to withstand strong winds in coastal areas and passing cars on road verges. 

Their blooms feature large flowers that are sure to impress, and they can be naturalised into lawns or grassy areas.

Our Daffodil Magnificence bulbs are locally produced in Co Waterford, Ireland.

QTY of bulbs included: While the quantity of bulbs varies slightly for each bag weight due to some being smaller, larger, slightly heavier or lighter. A 3kg bag will have roughly 56 bulbs.

How to plant Daffodil bulbs - Magnificence

Sow bulbs approx 15cm deep into the soil, use a dibber to ensure correct depth. 

Plant between September and December and expect blooms from January onwards. Daffodils are naturalising, so they multiply under the soil and blooms return year after year. 

Daffodil Magnificence grows best in full sun or partial shade and well-drained soil. 

Use a Dibber for planting bulbs.

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