Daffodil Split Corona 'Orangery' - Irish Produced Bulbs

Connecting to Nature Bulbs Daffodil Split Corona 'Orangery' - Irish Produced Bulbs

Daffodil Split Corona 'Orangery' - Irish Produced Bulbs

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Brighten up your garden with this unique split colour daffodil. The trumpet is a wonderful vibrant orange with frilled petals. this is framed by a beautiful ring of pure white petals which highlight the vibrant colour. The curious flower shape will look stunning in any area of the garden and the light scent is sure to delight any passersby. 

Daffodil 'Orangery' can be sown in clumps and drifts to provide an outstanding display of colour in early to mid-Spring. 

'Orangery' daffodils look stunning in naturalized areas, such as meadows, grassy fields, or along woodland edges. They bring a touch of wild beauty to these spaces and create a naturalistic, carefree look. Orangery is well suited to naturalising in grass and lawns. 

Plant them under deciduous trees where they receive dappled sunlight in early spring before the trees leaf out fully. The daffodils' blooming period coincides with the emergence of new leaves, creating a picturesque scene.

QTY of bulbs included: While the quantity of bulbs varies slightly for each bag weight due to some being smaller, larger, slightly heavier or lighter. A 3kg bag will have roughly 56 bulbs.

How to plant Daffodil bulbs - Orangery

Sow 75-100 bulbs to m², approx 15cm deep into the soil, use a dibber to ensure correct dept. 

Plant between September and December and expect blooms from the beginning of April. Daffodils are naturalising, so they multiply under the soil and blooms return year after year. 

Daffodil Orangery grows best in full sun or partial shade and well-drained soil. 

Use a Dibber for planting bulbs.

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