Tulip Saxatalis | Candia tulip

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Tulip Saxatalis | Candia tulip

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Experience the natural charm of the Wild Tulip Saxatalis, a stunning tulip variety that will enhance the aesthetics of your garden. 

Wild Tulip Saxatalis boasts graceful cup-shaped flowers in shades of pink, purple, and white. These vibrant blooms bring a burst of color and natural beauty to your garden, captivating the eye of visitors and creating a picturesque scene.

For optimal results, sow these bulbs in early Autumn, allowing them to establish strong roots before winter. The flowering period typically occurs in late spring, filling your garden with vibrant colors and announcing the arrival of warmer weather.

Thriving in well-drained soil and preferring a sunny location, Wild Tulip Saxatalis adapts well to various garden settings, including flower beds, rock gardens, and borders. Its versatility allows you to create a charming focal point in your outdoor space.

Plant these bulbs to infuse your garden with enchanting beauty, supporting local gardening traditions along the way. Embrace the vibrant blooms and let Wild Tulip Saxatalis bring joy and natural charm to your garden sanctuary.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your garden with the captivating beauty of Wild Tulip Saxatalis. Order your bulbs now and transform your outdoor space into a blooming paradise.

 Tulip Planting Tips:

  1. Planting Time: The ideal time to plant tulip saxatilis bulbs is in Autumn, typically from late September to November. This allows the bulbs to establish roots before winter sets in.

  2. Site Selection: Tulip saxatilis prefers a sunny location with well-draining soil. Ensure that the planting site receives at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day. If your soil is heavy or tends to retain water, consider amending it with organic matter or creating raised beds to improve drainage.

  3. Planting Depth: Wild tulip saxatilis bulbs should be planted at a depth of approximately 4 to 6 inches (10 to 15 cm). Place the bulbs in the planting hole with the pointed end facing up. Space the bulbs about 4 to 6 inches (10 to 15 cm) apart to allow for their natural growth and development.

  4. Watering: After planting, water the bulbs thoroughly to settle the soil around them. Ensure the soil remains evenly moist but not waterlogged. During the winter months, water sparingly, as excessive moisture can lead to bulb rot.

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