Year after Year Colour Impact Large Bag

BloomingNative Wildflower Seed NN Year after Year Colour Impact Large Bag
BloomingNative Garden & Pollinator Seeds Year after Year Colour Impact Large Bag

Year after Year Colour Impact Large Bag

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A perennial flower mixture (90%) selected to provide an impressive display of colour and visual impact in your garden with 10% annual species for colour in the first year. This blend of 100% pollinator seeds will supply pollen bearing flowers to benefit bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects for the longest period possible from spring through to early autumn.

A composition of 16 species ensures good adaptability to different growing conditions and a colour scheme that changes during the season according to which species are in bloom at the time. Perfect for pollinators.

Mixture Specifications
  • Perfect for pollinators, creating habitats and food for a wide range of bees, butterflies and other pollinators.
  • Non-Native
  • Species lifecycle: perennial (90%) annual (10%)
  • Sowing rate: 3g per square meter
  • Access to light: Requires good access to light
  • Optimal sowing period: March to June or August to October
  • Flowering Period: May to September
  • Species List: Annuals 50%; Paper Daisy, Pheasants Eye, Pot Marigold, Cornflower, Painted Daisy, Elegant Clarkia, Dwarf Morning Glory, Chinese Forget-Me-Not, California Poppy, Fineflower, Farewell to spring, Baby's Breath, Candytuft, Love-in-a-Mist, Corn Poppy, Corn Chamomile, Scented Mayweed, Corn Cockle, Yellow Rattle. Perennials 50%; Agrimony, Wild Clary, Red Clover,White Clover, Clustered Bellflower, Nettle Leaved Bellflower, Ox-eye Daisy, Foxglove,  Common Knapweed,  Greater Knapweed, Purple Loosestrife,  Wild Marjoram, Meadow Cranesbill, Musk Mallow, Ragged Robin, Sainfoin, Field Scabious, Small Scabious, Teasel, Bird’s-Foot Trefoil, Kidney Vetch, Viper's Bugloss, Yarrow, Lady’s Bedstraw, Wild Carrot.

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