Connecting to Nature Nest Box Wren Grey
Connecting to Nature Nest Box Wren Grey
Grey Nest Box
Connecting to Nature Nest Box Wren Grey
Connecting to Nature Nest Box Wren Grey
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Wrens are cavity-nesting birds and tend to use birdhouses readily. Offering the correct type of Wren house will encourage these shy little creatures to take up residence and raise their families in your garden. Wrens are very adaptable and are often found nesting in inappropriate, sometimes dangerous, places such as letterboxes, drainpipes and other unusual locations. This nesting box has been designed specifically for the Irish Wren population, one of our smallest and favourite garden birds. With the proper dimensions to suit these little birds and keep them safe, minimising the risks they face from hazardous nesting sites, predators and invasive birds.
It is essential to have nesting boxes available for the Wren to discover long before the nesting season begins. The Wren starts to investigate potential nesting sites from March, so plan to hang your wren nest box far in advance of March so the birds can discover it and get used to the box.
In winter, other small wild birds use wren nest boxes as shelter from storms and cold weather.
This nest box is constructed with FSC approved pine, and the rood is made from zinc. A durable and long-lasting nest Box structure. A door on the front of the box allows for easy cleaning in the Autumn. The stabilising board on the back makes it easy to attach to trees, posts, or buildings.
We suggest siting the nesting box in a quiet area at least 1.5m from the ground, out of direct sunlight and prevailing wind and rain. Ensure that nothing is blocking a direct flight path for the bird to enter.

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H25.2 x L13.5 x W11.4

Weight 0.6kg

Hole size 30mm

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