Coastal Wildflower Mix

Connecting to Nature Wildflower Seed Coastal Wildflower Mix
Connecting to Nature Coastal Wildflower Mix

Coastal Wildflower Mix

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This is a Native Wildflower Seed only mix suitable for coastal areas. Plants growing in coastal areas are subject to more extreme conditions than inland areas. Strong winds and salt laden air can dry out foliage and limit growth of some wildflower species that have not evolved to grow in coastal areas. Loose, sandy ground means that roots have access to lower soil moisture as they are growing. The wildflower seeds included in this mixture have evolved to grow in areas with salty air, strong winds and loose sandy ground.

The specially selected wildflower species included in this Native wildflower Seed Mix thrive in coastal conditions. This beautiful selection of wildflowers will enjoy the exposed and drier environments that our coastal landscapes possess.

Wildflowers such as Thrift, Bladder Campion, Knapweed, and Lady’s Bedstraw are just a few of the 21 species you will enjoy to bloom and bring a burst of colour to your garden space. The perennial wildflowers provide long lasting colour throughout the summer and return year after year to create a meadow that you can enjoy now and into the future.  The Annual wildflower species will produce an impressive display of colour from year one.

Wildflower Species Included:

  Common Name Latin Name Quantity Flowers Height Type
1 Bedstraw, Lady's Galium verum 6% Jun - Sep 50 - 80cm Perennial
2 Campion, Bladder Silene vulgaris 4% May - Sep 25 - 60cm Perennial
3 Carrot, Wild Daucus carota 6% Jun - Oct 30 - 100cm Perennial
4 Cat's-ear, Common Hypochaeris radicata 2% Jun - Oct 15 - 50cm Perennial
5 Clover, Haresfoot Trifolium arvense 5% Jul - Sep 10 - 30cm Annual
6 Daisy, Ox-eye Leucanthemum vulgare 10% May - Sep 20 - 100cm Perennial
7 Evening-primrose Oenothera biennis 6% Jun - Oct 60 - 100cm Biennial
8 Goat's-beard Tragopogon pratensis 5% Jun - Sep 20 - 60cm Biennial
9 Knapweed, Common Centaurea nigra 10% Jun - Sep 30 - 80cm Perennial
10 Knapweed, Greater Centaurea scabiosa 6% Jun - Sep 50 - 90cm Perennial
11 Marigold, Corn Chrysanthemum segetum 3% Jun - Oct 30 - 50cm Annual
12 Poppy, Common Papaver rhoeas 3% May - Jul 50 - 70cm Annual
13 St John's-wort, Common Hypericum perforatum 4% Jun - Sep 30 - 90cm Perennial
14 Toadflax, Common Linaria vulgaris 4% Jun - Oct 30 - 90cm Perennial
15 Trefoil, Bird's-foot Lotus corniculatus 6% Jun - Aug 10 - 40cm Perennial
16 Vetch, Kidney Anthyllis vulneraria 8% May - Oct 15 - 50cm Perennial
17 Viper's Bugloss Echium vulgare 3% May - Oct 50 - 100cm Biennial
18 Yarrow Achillea millefolium 4% Jun - Oct 20 - 100cm Perennial
19 Yellow-rattle Rhinanthus minor 5% Jun - Sep 25 - 50cm Annual
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