IRELAND'S WILD PLANTS | Myths,legends and folklore

Connecting to Nature book IRELAND'S WILD PLANTS | Myths,legends and folklore

IRELAND'S WILD PLANTS | Myths,legends and folklore

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Myths, legends and folklore

Author: By Niall Mac Coitir

Format: Paperback 410 pages

Publication date: September 2015

Category: Irish Wild Plants and Wildflowers

Ireland's wild plants have been part of our culture and folklore from the earliest times, featuring in the Brehon Laws, early Irish poetry and herbal medicine. Plants are described in seasonal order and different aspects are examined: their roles in magical protection, charms and spells, emblems in children's games, Irish place names and folklore. This beautifully illustrated and comprehensive compilation of natural history, mythology and folklore will entertain and enlighten all interested in the wild plants of Ireland.

About the author

Niall Mac Coitir grew up in a bilingual environment in Dublin with a love of Irish history, culture and nature instilled into him. An active member of the Irish Wildlife Trust, he works for Fingal County Council. His other books are Irish Wild Plants - Myths, Legends & Folklore (2006), Ireland's Animals - Myths, Legends & Folklore (2010) and Ireland's Birds - Myths, Legends & Folklore (2015).

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