Squirrel & Large Bird Proof Fat Ball Feeder

Connecting to Nature Copy of Squirrel and Large Bird Proof Wild Bird Seed Feeder

Squirrel & Large Bird Proof Fat Ball Feeder

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This caged bird fat ball feeder prevents larger birds and wildlife such as squirrels from accessing the fat ball snax. 

We are often asked how to stop crows and squirrels from eating all the bird food? and How to make a bird feeder proof from large birds and wildlife? - this is the best solution for keeping our feathered friends and their fat balls safe in your garden.

Protect your fat balls in this caged bird feeder and allow the smaller and common garden birds to enjoy a nutritious feed and build up their energy reserves ahead of the cold day of winter.

Allow your visiting songbirds to eat in peace as they peck away on nutritious fat balls, a recipe to make their hearts sing. 

Putting out garden bird feeders in your outdoor space is a wonderful way of attracting wildlife to you, and Ireland has a wonderful array of wild birds to feed. Nurture biodiversity and your wellbeing by offering a consistent and reliable food source for garden birds to support a healthy Irish bird population. 

Stop crows, pigeons, squirrels and cats eating your visiting wild bird's food with a caged fat ball feeder. 

Crow proof bird feeder Ireland, Magpie proof bird feeder and Squirrel-proof bird feeder Ireland all in one. 

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