Oak Bird Table with Silo

Connecting to Nature Oak Bird Table with Silo
Connecting to Nature Square Bird Table with Silo
Connecting to Nature Oak Bird Table with Silo

Oak Bird Table with Silo

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Some visiting garden birds like the Robin and Chaffinch prefer to eat from a flat surface. This wild bird feeder has a bird feeding table with a silo inside, making this the best bird feeder to attract all kinds of Irish wild birds. The bird table and silo accommodate both ground feeders and wild birds who prefer to feed from a silo.

A bird food silo in the centre of the table means there is reduced waste. This is because any ingredients from the bird food mix are caught by the table, protecting the food from the weather for other birds to eat. Watch the birds as they fly down and land on the table to pluck out food from the base of the silo.

The beautiful yet robust wooden bird table structure makes a wonderful addition to any garden space. Whether it be a centrepiece on your lawn, a garden border, patio or apartment balcony, you will be sure to attract an array of Irish wild birds to your garden.
The solid central post is made from oiled FSC approved Oakwood. The three strong legs at the base ensure that the bird table is sturdy and secure. The zinc roof provides long-lasting protection against rain and snow.

This table is made from oiled oak and will withstand anything the Irish weather can throw at it.


44.9 x D 45.5 x H 117.4

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