Connecting to Nature Grow a Natural Bird Feeder Mix
Connecting to Nature Grow a Natural Bird Feeder Mix
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Encourage wild birds into your garden by growing a natural bird feeder.

All of the seeds included in this flower seed mixture will produce a riot of colour right through the summer. Once the flowers have passed their best by autumn, the plants will produce an abundance of seed packed with nutritious seeds to support the local wild bird population.

Leave the seed heads standing throughout the winter for the wild birds to feed on.

Through out the summer, whilst the flowers are in full bloom, the insects attracted to these flowers will be fed on my soft beaked birds such as the Blue Tit, Black Tit, Robin and Wren to name just a few.

All of the species included produce seeds foraged for by many Irish wild birds.

This mix of annual and perennial flowers are easy to grow and are full of colour.


Species included: Yarrow, Knapweed, Teasel, Corn Poppy, Wild Carrot, Cornflower, Pot Marigold.

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